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Post-Brexit plans on funding and mobility

On the 8th May 2017, one of the arm of the British scientific establishment, the Royal Institution, has opened its famous lecture theatre to a debate about Brexit. Brexit is not about extricating the UK from the European scientific endeavour. And Brexit does not bring to an end many important aspects of the integrated European scientific projects. Today, it is not obvious, however, which strategies the UK--and the other EU 27 countries--could adopt to sustain as much as possible international collaborations and mobility. In this opinion piece, representatives of EuroScience argue that scientists need to raise their voices to guarantee their future and the future of our societies. Should all negotiation fail and the UK ends up with weakened relations with the EU 27, the authors argue, it remains to be seen whether the UK plan to strengthen relations and collaborations with the US, the Commonwealth and East-Asia will be an adequate substitute. Read more [...]
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EuroScientist wishes you a fab 2016!

It has been another interesting year discussing science policy and related issues affecting the science community in Europe. More than ever, we need you to show your appreciation to the articles we publish by sharing them as widely as possible. Our success can only happen if you give our content wider visibility. Be prepared for many more surprises in 2016 . . . EuroScientist team would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2016! Read more [...]
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First pan-African general science conference

Recently, the government of South Africa hosted the first pan-African general science conference, Science Forum South Africa, in Pretoria. The international attendance by participants from other African countries, and beyond, shows the renewed interest of the science community towards science in Africa. This event was a landmark in flagging up the political support bestowed upon science an for highlighting opportunities for international collaborations. Read more [...]
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And the Young Researcher Award 2015 laureate is…

The International Selection Committee for the European Young Researchers’ Award 2015 appointed by the EuroScience Board, has selected Ms. Heike Blockus for the 2015 EYRA. As in all odd years, 2015 EYRA is to recognize PhD candidates who have demonstrated an outstanding research performance, leadership and outreach and have incorporated a clear European dimension in their research. Read more [...]
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European Young Researchers Award (EYRA) 2016: Call now open

If you are interested in applying to The European Young Researchers Award (EYRA), read on... It has been awarded by EuroScience to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance and leadership since 2010. It aims at inspiring early stage researchers to incorporate a European dimension and perspective into their research. The Award is granted each year; in odd years, the prize is dedicated to PhD candidates, and in even years to post-doctoral fellows. The prize-giving-ceremony is held every two years at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) where the two recipients will present their work. Read more [...]
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Preserving data privacy while enabling research

Personal data is a vital resource for research, including studies in medicine, public health and social science. Over decades, researchers have developed approaches to use this data safely and securely to improve our understanding of society, health and disease. Reform of European data privacy laws is now threatening the way that data is used in research. In this article, Beth Thompson, policy adviser at the UK-based Wellcome Trust, explains why we need your help now, to ensure a positive outcome for research. Read more [...]
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Summer is upon us: time for reflection for EuroScientist readers

Are some of your feeling the heat already? Summer is finally upon us. Time to unwind for some. Or to tackle the things on their 'to do' list that have been put on the long finger, until now. As part of this transition period, we invite you to take a step back, and conduct a personal reflection combined with some introspection about your day-to-day lives. Once this analysis has been done, we would like to invite you to get back to us with some suggestions concerning what you would like to read in EuroScientist in the future. Read more [...]
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José Mariano Gago: RIP

The early death of José Mariano Gago saddens the scientific community. A firm believer that scientists should fight to make an impact on finance ministers and prime ministers to be effective, he was a towering figure in debates and developments in European policies for science, technology and innovation. He was a warm man, too, open, hospitable, calm and wise. He will be missed by the community. Read more [...]
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