Rammal Award: 2015 Call is open

EuroScience announces the opening of the 2015 call for the Rammal Awards.

The Rammal medal bears the name of a Lebanese researcher, Rammal Rammal, (1951-1991) whose career was international and who devoted his life, both to advancing science and to fostering good human relations through the pursuit and exchange of knowledge, especially in the Mediterranean region.

Thus, the aim of the Rammal Jury in selecting the recipient of this award is to recognise not only research of the highest quality performed either by a scientist or by a group of scientists working in the region, but also a commitment to make science more accessible or bring its benefits to the population of Mediterranean countries. Primarily destined for an individual scientist, the medal may also be awarded to a team or an institution which has played a particularly important role.
The Jury is very attentive to the ethical and moral dimensions of scientific work, and attributes great importance to the role science can play in relieving social and political tensions within or among countries of the Mediterranean area. Thus, the award is attributed not only for scientific merit, but also for positive actions in a broader social, international or educational context.

The winner of the Rammal Award will receive:

• A grant to attend ESOF2016 which will cover entrance fee, travel and accommodation expenses
• A medal which will be awarded at ESOF2016 in Manchester
• Invitation to a VIP reception to pay tribute to the awardee at ESOF2016
• A two years’ free EuroScience membership

Eligibility Criteria

Active scientists from any disciplinary background, including exact sciences, medical sciences, social sciences and humanities, are eligible. Organisations in any field of science, meeting the criteria, are also eligible. Recommendations for possible candidates together with contact information should be sent preferably via e-mail to by June 16th 2015. Please note that self-nominations are also accepted but need to be accompanied by recommendation letters.

Application procedure and documentation

If you wish to recommend a scientist:
• provide us with a recommendation letter (max 2 pages) and if possible a CV (max 2 pages) of the recommended scientist.

If you wish to recommend an organisation:
• provide us with a recommendation letter (max 2 pages) and a description (max 2 pages) of the history of the Institution and of all scientific activities which have contributed significantly to the Mediterranean area.
Please note that each nomination should also contain a completed form (available for download on the EuroScience website) which should be included to the nomination as cover page. All documents should be sent to by June 16th 2015.

Download the Pdf version of the Rammal Award call for applications

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