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If you are interested in the value of our grassroots movement, share your opinions on EuroScientist


If you are passionate about issues related to science policy, scholarly publishing, science careers, innovation, ethics and the role of science in society, EuroScientist wants to hear from you.

We accept submissions of opinion pieces in English. Typically, these are about 500 to 800 words long. We recommend using hyperlinks towards relevant web page to provide more in-depth details and give the reader an opportunity to read background documentation in any European language.

If you are unsure about the format in which you should submit or about the topic of your opinion piece, please contact us.

EuroScientist is keen to receive opinion pieces from anywhere in the world, as we want to stimulate a global debate in relation to issues affecting the science community and society.

True to our grassroots origins, we value a broad diversity of opinions.

Now, it is your turn, do get in touch and share your views.

Policy makers

EuroScientist has a great interest in policy making. Hence, we love sharing the views of those involved with our global audience, as a means to get the debate going on topical issues relevant to society, and having a connection to science.

If you are connected to policy making, you are welcome to approach us.

We are particularly interested in the views of policy makers working at the interface between science and society. Do not hesitate to contact us, and share your views!

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