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Whether you represent an established publication, a blog or an organisation interested in reproducing our content, we are keen to facilitate sharing of our articles and our various media-based content.

All you have to do, is to get in touch by contacting the EuroScientist team to discuss your objectives.

You can have a look at our current syndication partners on this page.

EuroScientist’s syndication policy

As copyright license holders, the publisher of EuroScientist is able to license non-exclusive copyright on the majority of our content to third parties. You may reproduce our content free of charge provided EuroScientist is clearly credited as the source and you have added a hyperlink back to the original content. Ideally credit should be placed at the top of the article and with our logo (available for download here).

If space is tight and you wish to use our content on your website or blog you may reproduce up to 200 words and then say: “Read the full article on EuroScientist” with a link back to the article on euroscientist.com.

Unless you have express permission from the author, you cannot edit our material, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. If you need to materially edit our content please contact us.

It is fine to put our articles on pages with ads, but you cannot sell our material separately.

EuroScientist is not the copyright holder to any photographs or artwork that you see featured in the website. We mostly rely on creative commons licensed material. Therefore we are unable to grant permission for their reuse.

The source will usually be credited alongside the photo or artwork and you are encouraged to contact the copyright owner direct. We are able to syndicate our in-house graphics or diagrams for reuse. Please supply a link to the graphic or diagram as well as a link to the article.

EuroScientist does not offer translation services of any articles. If you wish to translate a EuroScientist article you do not need our permission to do so but you have to include the following statement alongside the translation: “(YOUR ORGANISATION) agrees to indemnify EuroScientist against any claim arising from incorrect or misleading translation”. We will take legal action if we find a website has breached our copyright by posting one of our articles in its entirety without our permission. If you have any further requests about website usage, please contact us.

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