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Sponsor EuroScientist and support debates at the interface between society and science

Our grassroots communities is composed of scientists,  policy makers and concerned citizens with an interest in the interface between society and science.

Participatory magazines such as EuroScientist facilitate the sharing of views among community members. This gives our community a platform to debate topical issues beyond the established media.

Such pan-European debate is not only healthy, but it is essential for shaping tomorrow’s world.

However, without the generous support of sponsors, EuroScientist would not exist.

It has mainly been supported by EuroScience, its publisher, a grassroots association of scientists from across Europe since its inception. Such support has been granted under the condition that then magazine retains its editorial independence.

Other sponsors have stepped in over the years, either to support individual Special Issues or to support the core magazine activities.  We are interested in discussing your preferred creative sponsorship arrangements, depending on your needs. Don’t delay, get in touch with the EuroScientist Editor for an initial discussion.

Past Special Issues

The calendar below gives an idea of the kind of Special Issues we have published in the past. This list gives you an indication of what we typically publish.

January 2016Gender issue
February/March 2016Health policies for chronic diseases
April 2016Uberisation of our world
May 2016RRI, going forward
June 2016ESOF 2016
October 2016Burden of Bureaucracy 
November 2016RRI implementation

Find also here a couple of examples of sponsored special issues, commissioned by the European project RRI Tools, the ESOF 2016 Manchester conference and the ESOF 2014 Copenhagen conference. Contact the EuroScientist Editor today to see what your special issue could look like.

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