Science policy: your opinion on reinventing research models, in Europe and beyond

Your opinion on reinventing research models, in Europe and beyond

Problems identified in our Special Issue on Research Austerity are not only relevant to Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

They underlined the vital need to develop a public debate, beyond Southern European borders, into a global virtual forum.

This is the goal of our special issue on Research Austerity: to focus the wider European science community’s attention on how to solve research issues across Europe and beyond.

By stimulating the development of a citizen initiative, we would like to invite scientists from across Europe, and beyond, to tell us what needs to change in science policy, both at national and European level.

Do we need to revisit its fundamental basis, its objectives, its funding schemes, or even how to ring-fence scientists’ time for research?

It is only by sharing your views that voices from the bench will be heard by decision makers at national and European levels.

Please send us your views at

Also, read the full editorial on this topic.

Featured image credit: Nick Kidd

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