Women in Science Sing A Lullaby

Maria Mitchell (Cometary Prize Medal, 1848) says:

I am the first female U.S. professional astronomer teacher,

I discovered; The Comet 1847 VI informally known as “Miss Mitchell’s Comet,

It is night, look at the moon in sky and go to sleep my child!

Lise Meitner (physicist 1939) says:

 Observed as radio active decay  process in chemistry nuclear,

I modelled a physical explanation of nuclear fission ,

In 1997 I was honored in a way exceptional,

 When element 109 was named Meitnerium in periodic table,

 Its all for tonight! so go to sleep peacefully my child!

Rosalind Franklin (Nobel prize 1962) says:

Stop making noises my child!

To make one understand biology in a way  best,

On X-ray diffraction I worked , DNA double helix I discovered,

So please with gratitude to science; go to sleep my child!

Maria Myer (nobel prize 1963) says:

I know you are tired, but fighting with sleep tonight,

 I  worked for model of atom- nucleus – shell; day and night,

 When you grow up you will see the science in action my child!

So please, cooperate and go to sleep my child!

Presently (2020) with coronavirus world is fighting,

And we  women in science  in lab are tirelessly working,

With  folding hands praying;  greeting  people,

To make sure  our children remain safe and sound,

From virus corona and become world pride,

So with sweet dreams go to sleep my child!

By Sukarma Rani Thareja
Alumnus IIT-K-1986

Featured image credit: National Cancer Institute

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