What do you really want to read about in EuroScientist?

What do you really want to read about in EuroScientist?

Dear Readers,

We value your feedback and now is the time to ask you what you really want to read about in EuroScientist.

During the summer months, we would like to open our editorial schedule to your suggestions.

Please email editor@euroscientist.com by the end of August 2013.

Once, you have sent a few suggestions, we will ask all readers to vote and we will commission articles about the most popular topics to be published in the autumn.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Meanwhile, we will be preparing a series of exciting news for September, after the summer recess.

Featured image credit: CC BY-NC 2.0 by swxxii

Sabine Louët

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2 thoughts on “What do you really want to read about in EuroScientist?”

  1. I would like EuroScientist to publish research materials about 3d Printing, which is new and quickly growing industry.

    Its serving medical, art, engineering, etc. But There are very few EuroScientist kind of platform who talk about 3d Printing.

    Thanks for providing us the opportunity to express our thoughts and give your our suggestions.

  2. I want Euroscientist not to do what other science-oriented website news already do, but keep its agitation-mode on.
    I also wish Euroscientist would keep its original, mind-opening, political, sometimes funny way of telling things.
    And most of all, I like the fact that although very much into fundamental Research, Euroscientist doesn’t lose this basic fact: scientists are not only human beings, they can be great human beings to be around (well, at least I’ve met some who are/were)