What does open science really mean?

Webinar: “What does ‘open science’ really mean?”

MCAA/EuroScientist 2017 webinar series

The Marie Curie Alumni Association, in collaboration with EuroScientist, is hosting a round table “What does ‘open science‘ really mean?” on October 3 2017 at 13:30 CEST.

The #OpenScienceWebinar was streamed here:

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“Open science”: never have terms been interpreted in so many different ways. The diversity of perspectives may reflect the paradigm shift in how science is done that is encoded in these words. Open science encompasses open access to journals, sharing of scientific data, easy reproducibility, and transparency in research evaluation, among many other aspects. Future perspectives include the “uberisation” of science and the harnessing of social networks mechanisms in research. In this webinar, we will rely on important actors in the process of opening science to put order among these ideas. We will try to understand where academia is going and how to engage more scholars in open science.

Making science count in policy making

The Marie Curie Alumni Association, in collaboration with EuroScientist, will be hosting a round table with the participation of representatives of the most important stakeholders :

  • Julie Sainz, Policy Officer at the European Commission, Unit C.2 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • Ivo Grigorov, marine science researcher and member of the FOSTER project to promote open science education among researchers
  • Eva Méndez, professor of Information Science and member of the EC’s Open Science Policy Platform
  • Sascha Friesike, researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focus on how technology can help in opening science and the role it can play in creative processes

The round table will be moderated by Michele Catanzaro (physicist, freelance science journalist for Nature, El Periódico, and other outlets).

This is a free online event. Updates with the access link will be sent to the registered attendees before the event.

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We hope you can make it!

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