Video contest: Invest in our Future – Invest in Science

It would be difficult to think of our lives without the comfort, safety and pleasure that we enjoy every day thanks to scientific research. The knowledge gained through science has already given, and is giving us, is so significant, that the thought of what it could give us in the future is very promising. This is the rationale that led a group of scientists and science communicators working at the Champalimaud Foundation based in Lisbon, Portugal, to start a video contest. Their goal: raising public awareness to the crucial role that science plays in our daily lives and in our future.

The video contest, dubbed ’Invest in our Future – Invest in science’, was launched at the Eurodoc 2013 conference in Lisbon on 4 April 2013. It aims to raise public awareness of the crucial role that science plays in our daily lives and in our future. This is increasingly important when research budgets are challenged in times of austerity.

The three most convincing videos demonstrating why investing in science is important will win a 500 Euros prize, each. This contest is sponsored by Bayer and Caixa Geral de Depósitos. There will be one prize for the most popular video clip and two prizes for the best video selected by a prominent jury. Winning videos will be recognised for their creativity, impact and relevance.

The three winners will be announced in Autumn 2013. The winning videos will also be shown at major conferences and science outreach events. Organisers of relevant events are invited get in contact with Invest in Science. It is still possible to be involved as a partner, or as a host for the award ceremony.

This initiative is supported by the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE), a platform of European scientific societies. ISE recently organised a campaign to protect the EU research budget from cuts with a petition supported by over 150,000 scientists and concerned citizens.

Contest Instructions

  1. The video should be directed at creating awareness for the importance of investing in science.
  2. Video length should be 30 sec – 2 min.
  3. English subtitles are required for non-English videos.
  4. Videos can be made in any style or genre (for example, animation, film, stop-motion, etc.).
  5. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo.
  6. Fill and submit Video Contest Entry Form.

Prize categories

Most Liked Video on Facebook – 500€

Jury Selection Video 1 – 500€

Jury Selection Video 2 – 500€

Limit of one prize per video.

Key Dates

Video Submission

Starts: April 1st, 2013.

Ends: May 31st, 2013.

Online Voting

Starts: June 1st, 2013.

Further information on the contest can be found at Invest in Science and on their Facebook page.

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