OECD Trends Shaping Education Cover

Trends Shaping Education

Imagine education in 2050: Will memory implants let us learn a language in an afternoon? Will city students need to learn about strange concepts like “farms”? Will students still go to universities or just study online?

We can’t see the future, but we can at least identify some of the forces that might shape what happens – technological innovation, ageing populations, climate change, the worldwide shift to city living, and much more.

Understanding these trends is important for the people who design education policy, which is why the OECD has just published the latest edition of Trends Shaping Education. The book identifies key factors that may affect the future of education, and then poses some thought-provoking questions on how that influence might be felt. Some of these are obvious, some less so, as you’ll see if you take this quiz.

Brian Keeley

Post reproduced courtesy of OECD Insights.

Featured image credit: OECD

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