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One World, One Lab: science meets culture in Vietnam

I want to learn what makes scientists tick. And what is important in their lives. I found some answers at the Agricultural Genetics Institute, in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is the first of a documentary series, called One World One Lab, featuring scientists from eight different countries around the world. This video is a window into the research world, which is not about complex research data. Instead, it is about culture, street life, religion and all the strange and tasty foods. Read more [...]

Cultural trip around the laboratories of the world

I wanted to find out the answers to many cultural questions about my international research colleagues. So I left the lab, jumped on a plane and started a trip around the world to meet all those scientists in their own countries, in their own labs. The project is called One World One Lab. My plan is to visit eight developing and developed countries with different cultures, different religions and different political systems. I am travelling with a backpack, a camcorder and hundreds of questions... Read more [...]

European airspace – acting as one

The lonely scientist, covered by his papers alone in his room, talking to no one, is extinct. Science happens world wide in connection with partners around the globe, frequent travels are part of the daily life. Like for anybody else, delays are quite an annoying concomitant, especially if you travel by plane to reach your destination faster. Very often in Europe the cause for a late arrival is Air Traffic Control (ATC) related. Read more [...]