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Mastery and Mentoring in Science: Type of Academic Mentors (‘Scientific Masters’) and its Meaning in Modern Science and Academic Education

The ethos of a scholar, its influence on Academia and development of science, are subject of many studies in various disciplines. This article presents conclusions resulting from research on the role and functions of scientific masters in tourism research, Read more [...]

5 essentials tips for Writing and Designing Scientific Publications

What do you need to do to get your research paper published? As practice shows, doing a high-quality scientific publication is not enough. But if you listen to five essential tips for writing and designing such a paper, you will experience absolute pleasure from scientific work, save time and avoid many mistakes. So, the veil of mystery is opening. Read more [...]

The problem with science comics: uncritical images and ideology of research

Academics are increasingly using comic books to teach and communicate science, even as strong, unbiased evidence of the effectiveness of doing so is missing. A recent review found that empirical research on the effectiveness of comics in science Read more [...]

Professor Balthazar: solving problems without inventions (plus, a full list of his many contraptions)

The image many of us have of Professor Balthazar is of him pacing up and down his study before rushing into the laboratory to start up his colorful invention machine. His “miraculous machine” then makes “one of his famous inventions”, and Read more [...]


Europe's largest interdisciplinary science conference presented in a new, hybrid form for 2022 Science is spectacular. Science inspires, connects and challenges society. In a world that is in constant flux, sciences changes accordingly. What does that mean for your role as a scientist? How can you contribute to this change? Are you curious to see what science has to offer society? Do you want to help solving the challenges faced today? Then please join us at Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary science conference. Read more [...]