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Nightmare on Academia Street: an English horror story coming to a campus near you

Any politician that dangles the carrot of a graduate premium on future earnings to justify increases in student fees, interest rates on loans, or adjusting student loan repayment thresholds, should be challenged for gross mis-selling. These are the findings of a recent report by the UK Intergenerational Foundation. In this opinion piece, the author of the report warns of the possible financial implications of postgraduate student loans for the future financial health of students and their career prospects. This phenomenon, particularly acute in the UK, could soon reach other countries in Europe, should they be tempted to follow suit. Read more [...]

When tech meets fashion

Fashion is not commonly associated with science and technology. However, there has always been a close connection between these fields. Exploring the way both fields have evolved, finding synergies, brings some interesting insights into how technology can have a direct influence on the way people live. But it could also impinge on their right to privacy. Read more [...]

One World, One Lab: science meets culture in Vietnam

I want to learn what makes scientists tick. And what is important in their lives. I found some answers at the Agricultural Genetics Institute, in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is the first of a documentary series, called One World One Lab, featuring scientists from eight different countries around the world. This video is a window into the research world, which is not about complex research data. Instead, it is about culture, street life, religion and all the strange and tasty foods. Read more [...]

Happy New Year 2014

May 2014 bring you exciting scientific tribulations! Happy New Year 2014!! From EuroScientist's team. We hope to hear from you during the coming year. Feel free to share your frustrations, your expectations and your hopes for the year to come. EuroScientist is your magazine is made for scientists by scientists. And there are many untold stories that have yet to make it into the pages of the magazine, this year. Read more [...]

The curated Xmas review

The science of Christmas has become one of the most popular angles adopted in recent news stories in the mainstream press. The Euroscientist team has made a selection from the restricted pool of publications available in English, for your greatest entertainment. You will find stories related to Christmas trees, the science of eating, an unconventional study on the disappearance of chocolates in hospital wards, questions regarding the sustainability of Christmas, as well as scientifically accurate versions of the original Christmas story. The last part of this review will, of course, focus on Santa Claus, the man himself, and is superhuman capabilities. Read more [...]

Cultural trip around the laboratories of the world

I wanted to find out the answers to many cultural questions about my international research colleagues. So I left the lab, jumped on a plane and started a trip around the world to meet all those scientists in their own countries, in their own labs. The project is called One World One Lab. My plan is to visit eight developing and developed countries with different cultures, different religions and different political systems. I am travelling with a backpack, a camcorder and hundreds of questions... Read more [...]

Managing multicultural teams to raise teaching and research standards

Over the past 10 to 15 years, internationalisation has had a great impact on European universities. This development was assisted by the Bologna process. More and more universities offer trainings and project groups where scientists can talk about their experience and fictitious sample cases so that they might develop strategies to handle intercultural situations and to stimulate their students’ intercultural awareness. Read more [...]

What brings science, drama, controversy and innovation together?

The European Science TV and New Media Festival is an annual festival organised by EuroScience, the European Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology, and EuroPAWS, the European Public Awareness of Science and Technology. The festival was first launched in 2001 and held in different European cities such as Paris, Milan and London. Read more [...]

EuroScientist version web 2.0

EuroScientist proudly presents its new enhanced version available at www.noowit.com/euroscientist. This innovative publishing solution allows to combine original EuroScientist's articles, including opinion pieces from scientists and journalistic coverage of key issues, with curated content from web sites most relevant to the science community. It is provided by NOOWIT, a start-up which is the the fruit a truly European innovation. Read more [...]