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Italian politicians unable to resolve the country’s problems, let alone scientists’ issues

Italian politicians appear unable to resolve the real problem of this country. I am therefore very sceptical as to how they are going to resolve the problems of scientists. There is a need for an EU-wide policy, susceptible to influence the Italian Government in promoting scientific activities, through the provision of adequate financial support. Read more [...]

Edito: An evolutionary tale of short versus long-term research vision

The recessionary climate has disturbed research cycles. All the testimonies gathered for this special Euroscientist issue covering research austerity in Southern Europe concur. If we draw a parallel with Nature, we observe that disturbance in seasonal cycles imposed by climate change is responsible for the disappearance of biodiversity. Unlike animal species, however, European scientists have a fantastic ability to adapt to the disruptions in their research environment. Read more [...]

Southern European scientists become activists as recession bites

A line of people in white coat queuing in front of Valencia’s train station is quite an unusual sight. Yet, this scene was not part of a movie rehearsal. Rather, it was reported in prime time news on Spanish television, on 19th December 2013. This action was part of a scientists’ protest taking place in 20 cities in Spain.This reflect how scientists are increasingly deploying activists’ techniques to fight back the effects of the recession on research. Read more [...]

Italian scientists highly valued, but only abroad

“There still remains enough researchers to guard research,” was the answer of an undersecretary for education, when questioned on what to do to counter the trend of a large fraction of Italy’s top researchers leaving the country every year. These illuminating words are still vivid in the collective memory of the country’s scientists. As if research was a sentry box to guard and as if the quality of those who leave or stay were irrelevant. Read more [...]

Reengineering Italian research

For many years, we have been witnessing a paradox in Italian research. On the one hand, we have heard the frequent declarations by politicians and institutions on the importance of research and researchers. On the other hand, the same policy makers have been imposing budget cuts and constraints to scientists. The scientific community has thus expressed justified concerns. Read more [...]

Ilaria Capua: Pervasive meritocracy, a must for Italian research

Ilaria Capua, recently elected Member of the Italian Parliament, under the umbrella of the Civic Choice movement, talks to EuroScientist about the kind of reforms that are needed to ensure a sustainable future to Italian research. Prior to her appointment, she has had a successful career as a prominent virologist involved, in particular, in research in H5N1. Read more [...]