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The Female Euroscientist: Views from Western Europe

According to legend, in 1953 when Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the double helix structure of DNA they rushed to a local pub called The Eagle, telling locals that they had ‘found the secret to life.’ A blue plaque now commemorates the announcement. Unfortunately it is only recently that people have recognised just how crucial their colleague Rosalind Franklin’s research was to their discovery. She died before Watson, Crick and another colleague were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962.  Read more [...]

Women’s rights owe to ethnological studies

International women’s day is only a token reminder of the countless social and human science practitioners who have redressed the balance for women’s status in society. Indeed, 21st century Western women enjoy the fruit of centuries of ethnological and anthropological studies. This opinion piece looks at how successive feminist movements have contributed to the emancipation of women. To do so, they have relied on comparison between the individual rights and sexual freedom of women in remote societies and their own. Read more [...]

More women scientists should make it in news

With more women in key positions in the media, there is a greater chance of increasing the portrayal of women scientists in the media. Women depicted as role models would help encourage more women in research. It may also help ensure that women increasingly reach position of leadership in research, following in the steps of prominent women scientists portrayed in the news. Read more [...]