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Alternative modes of research funding: exceptions or growing trend?

Peer-review of projects dominates when it comes to decision on how to allocate funding for science. But is it really the best way? Funders certainly think so. Over 95% of biomedical funding in the UK, for example, relied on peer-review grant allocations, a 2012 report found. In the absence of tried and tested alternative, peer review has become the default solution. But there is a clear demand for new and less onerous ways of funding research. Read more [...]

Open innovation at your fingertips

Are you interested in getting help to further your research? For example, are you looking for funding or for strategic partners for a project? Do you need to get access to large amounts of relevant data? Do you wish at get in touch with lots of individuals who can contribute? To address all these issues relevant to researchers, there are a growing number of solutions available, gathered under the umbrella of open innovation. Read more [...]

As little as 2 Euros per reader to provide a truly independent magazine

With only two euros per reader, we believe, we can provide you with a magazine that is sustainable. Above all, by supporting us, what you would be supporting is EuroScientist's independent editorial content. Since the magazine will only be accountable to its readers, this approach equates to guaranteeing the editorial independence of the magazine. It would therefore not be subjected to any of the financial and editorial pressures that affect traditional publishing. Yet, EuroScientist is not-for-profit organisation but still requires a minimum amount of support to exist. Read more [...]