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When negative data fails patients by publication omission

Half of all clinical trials never see the light of day. There are regulations in Europe and the US; they are often ignored. But public pressure has begun to push the pharmaceutical industries to make trial data available. However, in a world where industry, clinicians and medical publishers are complicit in not having clinical trials published in full, it may be necessary to give ownership of clinical data back to patients to gain greater transparency and accountability. Read more [...]

Clinical trials Eldorado based on quality, not cost

Central and Eastern Europe is proving very attractive to pharma and biotech companies for clinical trials. Highly motivated patients, well-qualified investigators, speed of trials and quality of data as well as lower costs are frequently listed attractions. All together, the population of Central and Eastern Europe represents greater number of people than that of either the United States or the five largest Western European markets combined. Besides, the region also offers a convenient location—at the heart of Europe—for drug and device industries to carry out clinical trials. This article explore in many details the many reasons that makes life science industry come back over and over again to these territories, which have gained their reputation through a combination of rigour, high education levels and historic legacy. Read more [...]

Should we turn a blind eye to science policy in Europe?

Should randomised controlled trials (RCTs) usually used in medicine to see if a new drug works be utilised across Europe through society-wide experiments to implement effective science policies? More than a hundred years ago, the journal Nature called for “a scientific approach to government” in a series of editorials calling for politicians to borrow the methods of science for the common good. Now, advocates of successful randomised controlled trials (RCTs) say the time has come to put aside the political rhetoric and see what actually works . Read more [...]