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Policy matters: transparency is rarely a bad thing

Transparency is relevant to every policy areas, from how scientific advice is used--or whether it is used at all--to how research impact is defined. The trouble is that most policy processes are not clearly outlined. Find out more, in this insightful piece, about the policy areas which have a bearing on research activity, whose transparency has yet to be improved. Like in all discussions of this nature, it is also essential to remember the role played by human nature is ensuring transparency. Read more [...]

Mistrust towards policy-makers, not misplaced

This opinion piece by Ann Cahill, president of the International Press Association Brussels, critiques the public’s ability to hold decision-makers to account via media. The assessment is that the system has broken down, the old world has disappeared giving rise to a deep and unbridgeable divide between the professionals and the citizens, with vested interests manipulating a political class fed on buzz-words, the latest fad, or their own greed for power or wealth. Read more [...]