The Poetry of Science – Episode 5: Growing Dark in the Cold

Recent research has shown that mushrooms in colder climates tend to be darker than those in warmer environments. Join me for a poetic investigation into why this may be the case, and how this can help us to better understand the fungal kingdom.

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Beneath the dewy grass you seep,
Wispy tendrils splayed out as complex
Networks of finely-woven threads.
Breaking through the earthy tomes
Your tempting fruits throb buoyantly;
A myriad of insignia that litter the landscape,
Revealing your presence in cascades of colour.
We map the subtleties of your tone,

Decomposing this aural splendour into:
A histogram of colour that
Renders your brilliance into
Pixelated grayscale.
Picking through these pigments
We plot the frequency of fruit,
Charting it against climatic change
To reveal patterns that two-step
Across the page with regimented precision.
Your shadows darkening with
Increasing frigidity;
Glimpses of this complex web of stories
That lie buried beneath your surface.

By Dr Sam Illingworth

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Featured image credit: CC BY 2.0 by Giulia Ciappa

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