EuroScientist version web 2.0 on Noowit

EuroScientist version web 2.0

EuroScientist proudly presents its new enhanced version, now available at

This innovative publishing solution combines original EuroScientist’s articles — including opinion pieces and journalistic coverage — with curated content, including links to source articles of relevance to our audience.

It is provided by NOOWIT, a Greek start-up, which is the brainchild of European scientists. This proves that innovation can still blossom in Europe, despite the context of austerity. You can find out more about the publishing innovation brought by NOOWIT here.

More details on the personal journey of one of its co-founder, Nikolaos Nanas, will be published next week, as part of our forthcoming Special Issue on the effect of austerity on research in Europe.

For now, we leave you to discover this enhanced experience of a new web 2.0 style magazine over the next few weeks… perhaps, this will give some of our readers some ideas to start their own magazine.

Please note, this version is still in pilot phase, so you are welcome to give us some feedback on it by emailing the editor. Don’t be shy!

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