EuroScientist is back, next week

EuroScientist is back, next week

Dear Readers,

We hope that the summer has helped you take time to be thoughtful and mindful.

EuroScientist will be back for you next week, with some news about the situation with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Many other topics, including open access, will be covered in the next few weeks. Some exclusive interviews are also in store.

And now, to keep the summer mood going, we suggest you visit Eye Sci, which is a nugget, found on the Scientific Reports web site, to test your knowledge about the history of science and key scientists from the distant, and more recent past.

For now, keep sending us your suggestions for articles.

We love hearing from you!

Featured image credit: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Lawrence Wright

Sabine Louët

Former editor at EuroScientist
Sabine has a passion for all things related to European research. A physicist by training, she has been covering stories in life science, the physical sciences, technology, policy and innovation for the past 20 years. She was previously the news editor at Nature Biotechnology. She was also involved in the creation of AlphaGalileo. She is the Founder of SciencePOD translating complex science and tech concepts into high-quality articles written in simple language.
Sabine Louët

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