Technoculture Podcast – Episode #12: Aleš Vaupotič

In this episode, Aleš Vaupotič shares his perspectives on the world of digital humanities and its impact in the society. While ten years ago, we called by landline, now we increased exponentially our communications using diverse devices. We can do basically everything from everywhere. This changed our life experience, the way we organise time… How do digital humanities approach societal challenges? Does the research include comparisons with past habits?

One key issue is the fact we write more than ever in a digital way. How data is managed? How do you visualise digital databases? How research is conducted in digital humanities? These and more questions are discussed in this fascinating podcast!

Aleš Vaupotič is a literary comparatist and a curator. He is Professor at the young and vibrant University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. His work is in the Digital Humanities and is concerned with the building, managing, and studying digital collections of cultural data. Aleš is also a creative artist with a fascination for today’s technology, and he experiments with data visualization techniques as well as electronic microscopy.

He participated in the HERA project: Travelling Texts 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception Of Women’s Writing At the Fringes of Europe (participating countries: Finland, Norway, Slovenia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom), and in this document he presents some of the novel techniques for information visualisation: Reception of Foreign Women Writers in the Slovenian Literary System of the Long 19th Century.”

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Federica Bressan

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