Summer time: reflect, recharge and reconnect

Summer time: reflect, recharge and reconnect

Dear EuroScientist Readers,

2017, so far, has been an amazing year at EuroScientist as we are getting even more connected to our community of readers every day.


We would like to thank you for every retweet, every shared post, every contribution to our virtual debate. We have been approached, by more readers than ever before and we are loving this emerging dynamics. And that’s only the beginning. Find out about the many ways in which you can contribute.


EuroScientist, could not survive without your generosity, so don’t forget to donate individually, or as an institution, to help us grow and develop further to meet your needs to connect even further with the rest of our community.


Our ambition is to be the pan- European magazine exploring issues at the interface between science, policy and society, while remaining open to the rest of the world. This is where we need you to share your own experiences as scientists of engaging with citizens or policy makers. It makes for fruitful discussions that can help further stimulate your own work in the most rewarding fashion.

For now, we hope that you will have time to reflect on your own life and recharge your batteries, during the summer. This could also be an opportunity to reconnect with the rest of our community by continuing to share and exchange through EuroScientist’s comments boxes and social media networks or via the Homo scientificus europaeus community blog.

We look forward to engaging with you again in September with a busy programme, including, mid-September, a webinar organised in collaboration with the Marie Curie Alumni Association on “What Open Science really means?

The EuroScientist team.

Featured image credit: Alejandro Alvarez via Unsplash (taken in Prague, Czech Republic)

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