Subatomic particle plushies – from the Standard Model and beyond

Who said physics couldn’t be cute? The Particle Zoo is the brainchild of Particle Zookeeper Julie Peasley who designs and makes subatomic particle plushies for physicists and geeks around the world.

You can order particle packs of bosons or theoretical particles. Or maybe you’d prefer a cuddly yet elusive Higg’s boson to keep you warm at night?

And best of all, Julie knows her physics. The particle plushy weights vary according to their properties. The dark matter, top quark and W boson, for example, are the heaviest, as they are stuffed with polished aquarium gravel. The massless bosons are the lightest—they are stuffed with polyester stuffing.

Here at EuroScientist, we love Julie’s geek toys. Personally, I’m fond of strange quark (purple one with three eyes) – awwww…

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