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Our grassroots community is composed of scientists, policy makers and concerned citizens with an interest in the interface between society and science. Participatory magazines such as EuroScientist facilitate the sharing of views among community members. This gives our community a platform to debate topical issues beyond the established media. Such pan-European debate is not only healthy, but it is essential for shaping tomorrow’s world.

Should you like to provide content to EuroScientist, to bring your topics of interest to the debate and to promote your institution to a large audience, send us your suggestion of sponsored post.

The sponsored post could be for example a call for award application, a presentation of your new project, an invitation to an event or anything which is related to what we do at EuroScientist.


Your article will be published on our website www.euroscientist.com visited by around 10,000 people monthly. In addition to that, it will be broadcasted to our 37,000+ newsletter subscribers and shared several times on EuroScientist social media to our thousand of followers. More information on our readership and statistics.

The name, logo and link to your company will be visible at the very beginning of the posts, in addition to potential links within the article.

The sponsored article could be accompanied with an advertising campaign which will increase even more your visibility.

Precise statistics of the reach of your post on the different channels can be provided upon request.

Conditions and fee

Every sponsored post request will be considered, and EuroScientist Editorial Board will reject of accept it according to the following conditions:

  1. The article should be as much as possible a journalistic article and not only promotional or advertising content.
  2. The topic should be in line with EuroScientist’s readers interests and fits within our eight main focuses: science policyfundingscience in societyscientists’ careersresponsible scienceethicsinnovation and scientists’ lifestyle.
  3. The article needs to be in line with EuroScience’s ethics charter.
  4. Every sponsored post will be charged €300.

It is possible to choose the date for which you want to post the article in the condition that you contact us sufficiently early.

Every sponsored post will be clearly displayed as such to our readers with a blue box around the article with the name of the sponsor indicated at the top of the post.

Contact us at editor (at) euroscientist.com if you are interested.

EuroScientist can also offer a Special Issue containing a series of sponsored articles.

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