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Open Science

Open Science: never have terms been interpreted in so many different ways by so many different people. The diversity of perspectives on this matter reflects the evolving nature of what research has become. These reflections led to the idea of this EuroScientist special issue together with early stage discussions with scholarly publishing experts, and journalistic investigations about what to expect from an ever opening science. Read more [...]
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Data Privacy

We have prepared a selection of article and opinions related to how the digital era is going to change our society, in a way that data privacy will never be the same as ever before. It is no mystery that technology evolves faster than regulations. Yet, this could have some serious consequences for our privacy in our highly connected word. Each one of use leaves a trail of digital breadcrumbs, which is likely to grow over time as more and more every-day objects are connected to the internet. We look at what needs to happen to ensure that the digital world best serves our societies and that our privacy is protected. Read more [...]
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There is no better time to revisit trust issues than during a lingering recession. In such period, trust is put to the most stringent test. And those with the decision making power in the publishing industry, the wider economy, politics and policy have yet to improve their relationship to those they are trying to impress, should they finally be awarded the share of the trust they are courting. Read more [...]
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Work-life Balance

Welcome to our special issue of EuroScientist on work-life balance. This is a very timely issue as everybody start making plans for the year ahead. We have a unique selection of articles to share with EuroScientist readers the kind of extremes of work pressure that scientists can be subjected to. In another section of this special issue, we explore the kind of solutions that have yet to be implemented to make life easier for scientists. And finally, we provide you with a reflection on how scientists’ private life is portrayed in films. Read more [...]
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RRI overview

Welcome to this Special Issue of the EuroScientist dedicated to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). This issue outlines many facets of RRI. It also provides different perspectives on the topic, including historical, institutional, academic, and views of practitioners in the field. Read more [...]
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Research Activism

As waves of researchers’ protest are about to invade the streets of Paris, Rome and Madrid, among others, there is a clear sense of déjà vu in these white coats with large signs walking the avenues of European capitals. What is new, however, is that these protests on longer follow a logic of being centred around national territories. They have become supra-national and aim to target the central power in Brussels as much as national governments. Read more [...]
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Alternative research funding

Like the wavy lines of the painting illustrating this issue, reinventing research funding may not follow a straight path. It may not happen overnight either. In this special issue of the EuroScientist, we explore the two facets of funding mechanisms that need to be revisited: at the macro level, where R&D policy shapes the way research funding is allocated, and at micro level, where peer review shapes the way research funding is distributed. Read more [...]
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