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Health Policy

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: Health Policy!

Welcome to this special issue of EuroScientist focusing on Health Policy, particularly on prevention.

The shift towards prevention or wellness has now been operated a few years ago into health policy. Particularly in the field of chronic diseases, which is the focus of our independent coverage in this issue and of a campaign orchestrated by the REIsearch project. This has led to a number of policy experiments over time. As yet, there is no magic bullet to entice people to try and take greater care of their health.

It appears that a combination of voluntary actions by citizens, with prevention campaigns from interested groups, and regulations can help. But too much of any of these ingredients may affect the fragile dynamic between them.

You will discover many examples of health policies aimed at prevention in the articles below as well as opinions on how to best go about preventing chronic diseases. We invite you to comment on these articles and to share your views.

The EuroScientist team


Human nature thwarts wellness

By Sabine Louët, EuroScientist Editor.


Alberto Alemanno: Chronic diseases are preventable

By Interview by Sabine Louët , EuroScientist Editor.

June Andrews: Policy support for dementia needs to be adequate

By Luca Tancredi Barone, Italian science journalist, Spain.

Chronic Diseases prevention

Sweet tooth: Countering one of our most lethal addictions

By Arran Frood, Science journalist, UK.

Chronic disease prevention using wearable technology: not that simple

By Paul Hill, Science journalist, UK.

Worth keeping in mind

Trans-fats: Health time bomb by regulatory ommission

By Constanze Böttcher, Science journalist, Germany.

One step too far for legendary Danish transparency

By Jens Degett, Science journalist, Denmark.

Nudge towards effective harm reduction

By Alberto Alemanno, global clinical professor at NYU School of Law HEC Paris.

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