Shrinking Biodiversity

I am biodiversity,
my researcher friends tell me,
thirty percent of your species,
will extinct by twenty fifty,
friends I am shrinking.

New culprit species are entering,
my periphery,
my live stock is now narrow tiny,
there is threat to my food security.

Habitats of my species are fragmenting,
making human closer,
to disease carrying  species,
unpredictable weather is loosing,
livelihood  of my fishermen friends lovely.

So happy I was years ago,
my scientist friends,
try their best to understand,
me my shrinkage worth worry.

I am pained to see my,
looks disabled,
it has decreased,
my peace and beauty,
for  humans unique.

I am  certain I will rise,
and will help you,
the  same  way  before,
will  give you my countless services,
I am  your  countless  blessings,
you  are  my bonded  love  life,
your kind  jesters  to  save  me,
are my treasure  for life.

Written by Sukarma Thareja, Alumnus  IIT-K-1986, India

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