Why sharing matters

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: Sharing matters!

You will find, in our lead article by Dino Trescher, a wealth of information concerning the impact that the technology has had on sharing practices. Particularly since it has facilitated the emergence of dedicated social networks for scientists. This article also analyses its consequence for altmetrics, and for translating research into applications, concluding that there is still room to improve the way researchers collaborate.

The co-founder of one of these social network for scientists, Ijad Madisch, who is the CEO of ResearchGate, shares his views on how open science, is changing the way research operates and of his vision for the future.

Don’t miss our exclusive Skype interview with William Gunn, who is head of academic outreach for Mendeley, and has views on how the technology is affecting the level of collaborations in science, and the pace of research.

An article examining the behaviour of scientists online, by John Whitfield, looks into whether having an online reputation is now a necessity for career progression.

We also publish a guest opinion from Inger Mewburn from the Australian National University, Melbourne and Pat Thompson from the University of Nottingham, UK. Both studied why academics blog. Their findings may be surprising to some and support the view that blogs have a role to play in the research process.

And finally, read on about how citizen can contribute to research, and share part of the excitement of contributing to projects in a wide range of disciplines. Hear it from the words of Fermin Serrano Sanz, who is the coordinator of a dedicated European project called Socientize.

Don’t miss our editorial, reflecting on the limitations of sharing practices, as they currently are, despite the unprecedented availability of technologies to make collaborations happen.

For those who like their EuroScientist in its slick-looking version, please refer to our Noowit edition, under the Innovation section.

Last but not least, please send us your comments, using the dialogue box at the end of each article, or email us your letters to the editor at: editor[at]euroscience.org. We always love to hear from you!

The EuroScientist Team


Sharing is performing

By Sabine Louët, editor, EuroScientist.

Sharing practices

Digitally-enhanced research has yet to become more collaborative

By Dino Trescher, science journalist.

Open Science – more than sharing

By Ijad Madisch, Research Gate CEO.

When technology shifts the academic balance, Skype interview with William Gunn, Mendeley's head of academic outreach

By Sabine Louët, editor, EuroScientist.

Online behaviour

Online reputation: necessary, but not sufficient

By John Whitfield, science writer.

Why do academics blog?

By Inger Mewburn and Pat Thompson, The Australian National University, Melbourne, Australia, and the University of Nottingham, UK.

Can the public share too?

Towards increasing citizens’ contribution to research

By Fermin Serrano Sanz, Socientize project coordinator, University of Zaragoza, Ibercivis Foundation, Spain..

Featured image credit: CC BY 2.0 by Maureen Flynn-Burhoe

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