Share moments of your life as a scientist to enter our Vine competition!

Dear Readers,

Winter holidays are approaching. And it is a time for sharing and exchanging gifts. No better occasion for sharing something with us and all EuroScientists readers.

We would therefore like to invite you to participate in our EuroScientist Vine competition!

Don’t panic… we are only asking you to spare six seconds of your time to enter the competition…

More precisely, we would like you to share six seconds looping Vine video describing any aspect of your life as a scientist.

You may have funny anecdotes or episodes of your lab experience that you wish to share. You may want to show us interesting things happening in your lab. Or you may want to show how mundane and repetitive some of the tasks you have to do actually are..this is where the looping function of Vine comes in handy, for comic effect. You may want to us some of the experiment you are doing. Or talk to us about conferences you are attending. Or even share with us the intricacies of the latest theoretical work.

To participate, it is easy.

First you will need to download the Vine app on your smart phone, if you don’t already have it.

Then, you will need film a six second movie with your phone, and edit it using the app, before posting it on your own Vine account.

Finally, all you need to do to enter the competition is to use the hashtag #EuroScientist.

If you have comments and if you prefer reaching out directly, you are welcome to email, and send us the URL of your Vine alongside your comments.

Don’t forget to share your own videos on Twitter, Facebook, etc… to encourage your friends to enter the competition.

The EuroScientist team will then choose the most interesting Vine.

The judging criteria are:

  • originality
  • creativity

You have time until the 15th of January 2015 to take part and we will be announcing the winner before the end of January.

And speaking about winners…The lucky winner will have their very own Nature subscription. And the winning entry will also appear in our January EuroScientist special issue on work-life balance.

Other selected entries may feature on our facebook page

And now it is up to you – show us who you are! 🙂

The EuroScientist Team

Featured image credit: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by microwaved barbie doll

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One thought on “Share moments of your life as a scientist to enter our Vine competition!”

  1. Dear Readers,
    Since we did not receive any entries for this competition, we had to close it down without a winner.
    We hope that our next competition will inspire our readers more.

    The EuroScientist Team