Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2021

Dear readers, contributors and supporters,

Thank you for your ongoing support across this quite different year for all of us.

EuroScientist will be off during a few weeks, but stay tuned: we will be back in January with many new articles! But before the end of the year, we share a season poem from one of our contributors. We hope you enjoy it!

We wish every one of you happy holidays and a wonderful 2021!

Matias Barberis Rami, Editor of EuroScientist
and the EuroScience team!

Atom-Merry Christmas-Corona-Universe

Christmas-2020 is knocking at the door,
We are always looking for the plausibility of fulfilling,
our sweet dreams with blessings of Santa,
in corona virus gripped universe.

Like you and me are made up of atoms,
bonds ionic/covalent/coordinate/hydrogen bonds,
so is Corona virus gripped universe.

But in the plausibility of fulfilling ,
our sweet dreams of Merry Christmas,
following in Corona gripped universe,
which atoms ionic/covalent/ coordinate
hydrogen bond actually will work,
the one which resides within you and me,
or atoms ionic/covalent/ coordinate,
hydrogen bond within which you and me reside,
this history of science will play role vital in corona vaccine,
and with big bang we will sing Merry Christmas- Merry Christmas.

By Sukarma Thareja

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