Science innovation-Corona Vaccine

Son-mom, can science innovation buy us knowledge?
Mom-Science innovative technologies can buy one book, but not knowledge.
Son-mom, can Science innovations make health?
Mom– Science innovations can make medicines but not health.
Son– mom, can Science innovations give us sound sleep?
Mom– Science innovations can make best comfortable sofa bed but not sound sleep.
Son-mom, can Science innovations make goodness in personality?
Mom– Science innovations can make different goods but not goodness in personality.
Son-mom, can Science innovative apparatus make one fetch beauty?
Mom– Science innovative apparatus can make one fetch scenery but not beauty.
Son-mom, can Science innovative Food processing technology generate appetite?
Mom– Science innovative food processing technology can generate food but not Appetite.
Son-Can Science innovation make home?
Mom– Science innovation can construct house but not home.
Son-mom, can Science machines make best companion for person?
Mom– Science machines can make best ring with best material for companion but not companion.
Son– mom, can Science innovation make one have happiness?
Mom– Science innovation can make one collect wealth but not happiness.

Son-mom, Internal peace and virtues will come from within,
but science innovations can help one if one keeps scientific aptitude alive.
Mom-Science innovation can help us,
to make right kind of vaccine for Coronavirus.
Human trials of corona vaccine is going on my son…
Son-but mom, any corona vaccine will take several years,
to eradicate corona virus hundred percent.
Mom-true but with newer science techniques,
assimilation of research findings,
with support from data science; I am sure dear son,
we will get best Corona vaccine very soon.
Son-Corona please go away, corona please go away…
Mom –In winter holidays little children wish to play
and have fun with dear friends and family.
Son– with our fun games, in holidays,
echoes of laughter loud and intense,
with our big bang-feared corona virus will run away.
Mom-karma goes in circle son, as its bad karma
will come back; so corona will face its bad karma.
Son-Yes it will also quarantine itself for 14 days,
Mom-yes my child, let us hope Corona VACCINE will help us,
and make our life free from quarantine walls,
now with sweet dreams, of corona free universe.
Please go to sleep, my son.

Written by Sukarma Rani Thareja, Associate Professor-Retired CSJM University,Alumnus IIT-K-1986 UP INDIA

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