Save Environment With Pride and Grace

Humans-The world environment day,
Though our world is affected by pandemic,
Yet all organism and plants,
Are enjoying clean world environment day.

Environment- Every moment man you are learning,
On toes for your financial gains you are running,
Thanks to lock down period my blessings in disguise,
It has been a teacher to you humans,
I hope from it you have learnt lesson of life,
And have become wise.

There are no limits to numbers,
All the phenomena natural I exhibits with joy,
I request you humans don’t consider them toy,
For success of them I am working every minute,
My favorite is to sustain my  blossom  biodiversity,
For that I need a  cooperation from you  humans.

Humans– We will correct our previous mistakes environment!
We will not greed and exceed our assigned limit of need,
Corona epidemic has taught us many things positive,
We will make our day to day activities goal oriented.

Humans! let us take pledge to save the green trees,
They are gift from environment for present and future,
Let us reduce waste and save natural health source,
Let our friend environment sustains in time with grace,
So that World-wide most people could raise a toast to Nature,
Next generation could  feel  pride on world environment day.

By Sukarma Rani Thareja
Alumnus IIT-K-1986

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