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Featured image: Globes displayed at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, 2012. Photo by Girish Kulkarni and Nishita Desai.

RRI Implementation

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: RRI Implementation!

This sponsored issue appears as the RRI Tools project comes to an end. Its findings have been summarised in an excellent final report, which gives an overview of progress, achieved across Europe, in developing practical solutions to implement RRI.

We now offer you the perspective of key experts in the field, concerning the next step in how RRI might evolve and some of the key lessons from developing RRI to date.

This Special Issue follows the first three ones on RRI entitled Launch of Responsible Research and Innovation ToolkitRRI Overview and Bringing RRI forward.

Don’t forget to share its content widely within your circles. And feel free to comment in the dialogue boxes at the bottom of each article.

The EuroScientist team!


Science won’t be responsible until citizens get more involved

By Jean-Pierre Alix, EuroScience, France.


Responsibility means answering to and for science

By Leo Coutellec, Université Paris Sud, France.

The many lives of Responsible Research and Innovation

By Arie Rip, University of Twente, The Netherlands.

Factors of change

Associating citizens with the scientific process from the start

By Ulrike Felt, University of Vienna, Austria.

Developing RRI specific indicators - challenges and limitations

By Ralf Lindner, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany.

RRI experiments

A wake-up call towards responsible research and innovation

By Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, Research Council of Norway.

Involving researchers in teachers’ training

By Mélodie Faury, Maison pour la science en Alsace, France.

From our archive

Sheila Jasanoff: framing research with citizens' perspectives

By Luca Tancredi Barone, Science Journalist, Barcelona, Spain.

Featured image credit: Girish Kulkarni and Nishita Desai

Featured image: Globes displayed at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, 2012.

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