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Research Activism

Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: Research Activism!

As waves of researchers’ protest are about to invade the streets of Paris, Rome and Madrid, among others, there is a clear sense of déjà vu in these white coats with large signs walking the avenues of European capitals.

Some of their claims are not so new either, but they take a special meaning in the recently reorganised environment created with the nomination of the new European Commission.

What is new, however, is that these protests on longer follow a logic of being centred around national territories. They have become supra-national and aim to target the central power in Brussels as much as national governments.

Find out all aspects of the latest protest movements in France, Spain, Italy and about the bigger picture at the EU level by reading our special issue below.

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Joining the dots: unprecedented levels of pan-European research activism

By Sabine Louët, EuroScientist editor.

So what is the fuss about?

Science funding angst: is rhetoric masking what is really at stake?

By Vanessa Schipani, science journalist, the Netherlands.

How to balance a European research ecosystem with its national parts

By Fiona Dunlevy, science journalist, France.


French scientists get on their bikes for research

By Fiona Dunlevy, science journalist, France.

Once upon a time, the tale of how french scientists lost their autonomy

By Alain Trautmann, CNRS researcher, Cochin Institute, Paris, France.


Repeated research protest on the street of Madrid

By Marta Espar, science journalist, Spain.

EuroScientist Interview: Pablo Echenique-Robba, Eurodeputy Podemos

By Sabine Louët, EuroScientist editor.


Italian scientists protest against budget cuts, crocodile tears included

By Sergio Pistoi, science journalist, Italy.

For the sake of Italian science and culture

By Francesco Sylos Labini, co-founder and editor at Return on Academic ReSearch (ROARS), Italy.


Portugal in a research maelstrom

By João Sebastião and Rosário Mauritti, researchers at CIES-IUL. University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal.


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