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Research Activism

Welcome to our Special Issue dedicated to the Research Activism in Europe!

As waves of researchers’ protest are about to invade the streets of Paris, Rome and Madrid, among others, there is a clear sense of déjà vu in these white coats with large signs walking the avenues of European capitals.

Some of their claims are not so new either, but they take a special meaning in the recently reorganised environment created with the nomination of the new European Commission.

What is new, however, is that these protests on longer follow a logic of being centred around national territories. They have become supra-national and aim to target the central power in Brussels as much as national governments.

Find out all aspects of the latest protest movements in France, Spain, Italy and about the bigger picture at the EU level by reading our special issue below.

Get here a printed edition of this special issue on research activism.


So what is the fuss about?






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