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Poetry and Science: Chemistry and Buffer Life

Chemistry  and  Buffer Life

Chemistry is branch of science,
Chemistry is also way of life,
Our life could be good or bad,
It is acidic, we have heartburns,  which is bad,
It is basic, we  suffer with acen, which is bad,
It is good, when it is buffer, like a body blood,
All this can be explained  through knowledge of chemistry,
Which is  communicated to us by our mentors, chemists.

Teaching and research in chemistry,
Is the backbone of any community,
When pupils are stuck in  acidic-basic life chain.
Chemist as teachers communicate,
With these audience with creative thinking,
These  master of change! With new research ideas in scientific brain,
Help audience; making their buffer life.

When learners’ life is trapped in acidic-basic atmosphere ,
The chemist – good teachers –use art and poetry to communicate in class,
This wonderful teaching aid; is a big help to visual learners of class,
Drawing of structures of molecules; construction of educational collages,
By the teachers and taught,  convert visual learns life into buffer life.

When learners life swims in acidic-basic pool,
Responsible and dutiful chemist communicate,
Make – innocent taught  understand and calculate pH,
Of chemical  issues of life which are at stake.

All scientific discoveries large and small,
To advance knowledge, is the starting common goal ,
To  advance chemistry knowledge, communication effective,
To make teaching – learning  atmosphere – conducive,

Responsible chemist and researchers; communicate with masses,
They use appropriate emotions and  educational  tools in the classes,
Respect for sorrows and happiness,
Be at ease with failure and success,

An important moral one learns, in these classes,
In a way, they gift valuable buffer life to the masses.
That make chemistry – sublime –boundless  among  masses.
That is where, the best way of  buffer-life, is  seen around masses.

Humble learners-country men,
Salute country chemical craftsmen!
For making their life a buffer,
Which is above, sorrows and happiness.

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Sukarma is associate professor at the Department Of Chemistry at Christ Church College, CSJM Kanpur University in India. She writes poems relating to chemistry to make science popular among her students.

Photo credit: Sergey Nivens via Shutterstock

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