A Bite of the Apple

Poetry and science: A Bite of the Apple

The bookshelves nearly creak beneath
the clamorous weight of elbowed voices
pleading from their covers to be heard.

Aligned against me is an army of books
I shall never hope to conquer in a lifetime;
and still I keep on adding to their ranks.

And papers, journals, magazines
and texts, emails and the internet
pouring in distractions like a sea.

Horizons are no resting place. Updates
and revisions are a given and science
gives to certainty a frown of constant doubt.

When did we forget the worth of silence
and march towards a world of words instead?
Much written would be better left unread.

Featured image credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Patrick McFall

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Peter Davis

Peter has been writing poetry for twenty years and been published in various magazines/journals. He has long had an interest in the contemplative and explorative relationship of poetry as complement to scientific endeavour, inspired by meetings with and the work of many leading scientists and thinkers in universities and other academic institutions in the UK. He currently works in healthcare.

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