Podcast: The Poetry of Science

What is the ‘Poetry of Science’ blog?

The Poetry of Science is a weekly blog in which new scientific research is presented via the medium of poetry.

Every week Dr Sam Illingworth reads a new scientific study and writes a poem that aims to introduce this research to a wider audience.

What is this Podcast about?

Every Monday, ‘The Poetry of Science’ presents an interdisciplinary approach to investigating new scientific research through the medium of science. As well as sharing new poetry that communicate interesting and important research to a non-specialist audience, this podcast also features a selection of poetry from poets across the world, and introducing the audience to a new perspective on science and scientific research.

Who is Dr Illingworth?

Dr Sam Illingworth is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University, where his research involves using poetry to enhance dialogue between scientists and non-scientists.

You can find out more about Sam’s work by visiting his website or on Twitter @samillingworth.


Episode 1: The Deep-sea Tremors

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