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Welcome to this Special Issue of EuroScientist on: Open innovation!

This issue brings you a high-level perspective on the shift occurring within research that is bringing open science and open innovation.

We then peer into the recipes that can make open innovation work in an industrial setting. An example taken from an international structural biology research consortium will reveal the basis of its success. In addition, some advice on how best to structure open innovation collaboration stem from practitioners in industry. And we will also take a walk down memory lane, peering through examples of how innovation has revived declined industries.

This special issue also provides an opinion piece on what happens when the economic power has full control over research and innovation budgets,as is the case in Spain, the UK and Austria.

And finally, we give the last word to evolutionary biologist Mark Pagel, who shares his views through a podcast on the nature of creativity.


Can national culture influence success in open innovation?

By Sabine Louët, editor, EuroScientist.

What is the fuss about open innovation?

Real-time, high-recognition and high-replicability prevail in new Science era

By Sascha Friesike and Bartling Sönke, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, Germany.

Exclusive interview: how enhanced collaboration is shaping the research of the future: Sascha Friesike, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Germany

By Sabine Louët, editor, EuroScientist.

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Open innovation at your fingertips

By Lena Holmberg, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

The industrial applications corner

A new model for open innovation: the Structural Genomics Consortium

By Sophie Castle-Clarke, RAND Europe, UK.

Open innovation: an industrial perspective

By Carlos Härtel, EIRMA, Belgium.

Creating what we need from what we have—how innovation rescues traditional industries

By Marcin Krasnodębski, researcher in History of sciences, technology and the environment.

The policy corner

When economists lead the R&D dance

By Thomas König, Senior researcher at Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria.

The creativity corner

Podcast: We, humans, fantastic 'karaoke singers, interview of Mark Pagel, University of Reading, UK'

By Luca Tancredi Barone, Italian science journalist based in Barcelona, Spain.

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