Ode to the Periodic Table

2019 marks its 150th birth anniversary,
Chemists indeed turned celebratory!
The chemical elements’ stubborn complexity
Mendeleev sorted, based on some regularity.

The table lacked theoretical understanding,
Chemical phenomena needed much explaining,
Reactions then had no discernible pattern,
Classifying these were Mendeleev’s concern.

Metals like gold were known for ages,
Missing elements Dmitri could presage,
Researchers all over lent helping hand,
Many discoveries were unplanned.

The table made possible the materials’ revolution,
To it, medicines to fertilizers owe their evolution.
The Periodic Table was a dramatic breakthrough,
Honoring this contribution is long overdue.

By Alok K. R. Paul
Associate Professor, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), and Principal Scientist, Central Electrochemical Research Institute—Chennai Unit, India

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One thought on “Ode to the Periodic Table”

  1. Wow….this is awesome…there can be a poem on periodic table.and.its elements was beyound my thoughts….fantastic dada….