Mother Scientist

I am scientist,
I fondly work in research lab,
I am also mother,
With equal passion I work in home lab.

Some time I work alone in science/home lab,
I tell myself oh! mother, oh! Scientist,
be brave apply your scientific skill
and enlighten your
sense of scientist and motherhood.

I am getting trained in science/home front,
and training others/children too for something unique,
special which has goal oriented science/family culture,
I must feel proud, working in lab home/science,
to sustain culture of science in research/home lab.

When I work in science/home lab,
sometime no body is there to speak to me,
I speak to myself and work alone,
I wonder some time in lab science/home.
No one is responding to my call,
I tell myself why I am working alone?
Yes! to Set a role models for,
new researchers /family members,
In lab –science/home.

Friends some extra money I keep for difficult time,
same with special zeal, I work in science/home lab.
My soul give me unique strength and belief,
it gives me email: “oh! Mother, oh! scientist! you can’t go back,
to go back is impossible in existence.
So please like river fearlessly,
enter the ocean -knowledge- science,
one day you will certainly become ocean – knowledge-science,
and with strong resonances of your work in science.
Sky will definitely come down to salute,
You dutiful dedicated scientist mother: ocean- knowledge-science.

Let us honour the women mother scientist who raised us,
making sacrifices for us every day,
and nurturing our families and,
greater communities by contributing to science society,
positively with their precious time and endless efforts.

Written by Sukarma Thareja, Associate Professor-Retired, CSJM University, Alumnus IIT-K-1986

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