March for Science in Civray

A March for Science in a small countryside town?

Why a March for Science in Civray, a very small town, near Poitiers, West France? Whereas most of the marches are organised in university cities?

Because we are a small group of active citizens, aged from 17 to 69.

Because also, unusually, we do research in our tiny town, with high skills students in our high school.

We thus love and practice science and research, and are active citizens.

We want to say NO to any kind of censorship.

We want to state loud and clear that Earth must be above politics and economics.

Gilles Mirambeau

Gilles Mirambeau is a teacher of molecular biology/biochemistry at the UMPC-Sorbonne University. Following his teaching activity at UPMC, he jumped from Paris to Barcelona in 2006, where he is now engaged in a holistic and pronoiac approach about the self-organisation properties of our living world from proteins to men, sending a message in a bottle : "Is there any chance to change the world?".
Gilles Mirambeau

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