Man Ratio Earth

The 70% part of the human body comprises water,
just like the 70% part of the earth comprises water.

The water in the human body is full of salt,
just like the water in the earth is full of salt.

Electrical currents exist in man,
just like they exist everywhere on earth.

Elements required for human balance are found
similarly required for earth’s balance.

The human body is like a compact ecosystem,
self-sufficient yet dependent, similar to the earth.

This earth must have been designed
with man in mind.
For, ponder that the man’s flesh will be the dust
that will continue to produce the earth.

This earth must look forward to receiving
the natural products of man.
For, his exhaled carbon dioxide and sweat,
will continue to fill the atmosphere of the earth.

This earth has made me believe, it must recognize the man,
in many more ways than the man will ever perceive.

Poem Written by Charlotte Ndiribe, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

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