Washington, DC (August 22, 2022) – The Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) and the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy at University College London (UCL STEaPP) are proud to announce the release of Volume 20, Issue 03, the journal’s second Special Topics Issue of 2022, on Innovations in Science Diplomacy.

“Our authors have demonstrated the wide-ranging utility of science diplomacy, from maritime borders to expanding infrastructure in the global south and even the search for extraterrestrial life. This issue showcases the creativity and innovation of emerging researchers, committed to expanding the reach of this nascent field. I’m very proud of this special issue and what our authors have produced,” said Andy Sanchez, JSPG’s Assistant Editor-in-Chief for Special Editions. 

In the 8 published articles, authors in this special issue of JSPG highlight a number of topics that range from collaborative efforts in science diplomacy in international organizations and spaces, and fostering national development using Big Science, to national considerations including leveraging scientific diaspora networks and scientists in embassies, all the way to how research in science diplomacy is carried out. 

“The quality and relevance of these articles are a testament to the untapped potential of ECRs and their contribution to the field of science diplomacy,” said Joanna Chataway, Professor and Head of Department of Science Technology, Engineering & Public Policy at University College London. 

The Special Topics Issue competition, judged by an external review committee, aims to provide winning authors of the top 3 publications with opportunities to present at a science diplomacy event featuring representatives from different countries and international organizations. More information on the event will be shared at a later date.

The winners of the JSPG & UCL STEaPP competition for the Special Topics Issue are as follows:

We thank competition reviewers for their efforts and greatly appreciate their input towards selecting the winners: Elke Dall (Centre for Social Innovation); Lorenzo Melchor (European Commission); Tomoko Steen (Georgetown University) and Soledad Quiroz Valenzuela (INGSA). 

“Through this Special Topics Issue, JSPG is proud to partner with UCL STEaPP to provide an opportunity for young scholars from around the world to envision the future of science diplomacy and to advance this growing field with increasing scholarly attention over the past decade,” said Adriana BankstonJSPG’s CEO and Managing Publisher. 

This issue is supported in-kind by outreach partners from the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA), the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance and the Global Young Academy Incubator Group on Science Diplomacy in the Americas.

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