Poetry and Science: An illustration for nest-builders

Poetry and Science: An illustration for nest-builders

Gabled roofs

so that
the hail breaks
to fall as particles,

flakes, the rain
with less momentum,

branches and smaller branches
with leaves to fall as

so that
inside the last room
is least often
a kitchen for its roof:

the spine of an open book

the downstairs candle lights
empty pages with a centred

so that
the night, for all its stars,

is in windows,
not ominous over our heads. 

Rebecca Kylie Law

Rebecca Kylie Law is a Sydney based poet, essayist and reviewer. Published by Picaro Press, her poetry collections include “Offset”, “Lilies and Stars” and “The Arrow & The Lyre”. Other publications include thewonderbook of poetry, Notes for The Translators, Best Poem Journal, Virgogray Press, Australian Love Poems 2013, Southerly and Westerly. She holds a Masters Degree in Poetry from Melbourne University.

Featured image credit: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Henry McLin

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