How to travel – EuroScientist searches for the top tips for better business travel

Joint research with partners from various countries throughout Europe and beyond is becoming more and more routine. While cooperation is possible by phone, e-mail and online conferences, personal contact, exchange of results or the utilisation of laboratory technology by partnering institutions demands travelling. By car, by train, by plane – scientists spend a good part of their time moving through Europe or flying across the oceans.

But how to use travel time as effectively as possible? How to prepare for a short trip? What mistakes must be avoided? What can you do to make a business trip more bearable?

Here are some tips, provided by the editors of EuroScientist:

  • Use the online check-in service of your airline: most airlines provide a pre-boarding online check-in at least 24 hours before takeoff.
  • Never put your laptop in your baggage: always put valuable technology in your hand luggage, even if you do not plan to use it while on board.
  • At security checkpoints, prepare yourself to pass the checkpoint as quickly as possible: take all coins and keys out of your pockets while in line for the safety check. You will get through the detectors quickly and easily.
  • Take your own Ethernet cable with you: most hotels provide broadband ports in their rooms.
  • Drink responsibly: while travelling, you have to keep hydrated, not only to enjoy your trip but to be fully concentrated on arrival at the meeting. Drink a lot of water (avoid alcoholic drinks). Most airlines provide free soft drinks in the on-board kitchen.
  • Be a part of the workshop, not only it’s audience – ask questions, add comments or simply engage in some small talk while at a meeting or workshop. Nothing is more disappointing than coming back home thinking that the trip was a total waste of time.

If you think we have missed any useful tips and tricks, please send us an e-mail to edi­ or add a comment to this article.

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One thought on “How to travel – EuroScientist searches for the top tips for better business travel”

  1. I appreciate your travel tips but here is a warning. In a recent working visit to South America I had my laptop case with the computer and other important personal belongings stolen from me while I was in the airport and set it down briefly for a moment while I organized my things. If it had been in my large luggage it would not have been taken. So a corrollary of your tip to keep laptops in handluggage is to keep an intense vigil on handluggage!