Happiness is in having real friends,
Who motivate one to play on the ground,
When we exercise and laugh our body releases hormone Endorphins,
One of four hormones which determines human’s happiness.

Happiness lies in our friends and family’s joys,
we get appreciated and to appreciate others in social interactions,
we shop for family and friends and get presents,
dopamine is hormone released that make us happy.
But remember my friends during this pandemic time,
social distance and mask is a must to celebrate social interactions.

Happiness is when we are close to others,
in this pandemic time please don’t hug friends,
please don’t shake hands with dear one’s,
please respect each other by expressing greetings as Namskar,
various amount of oxytocin is released that make us happy.

Giving is the easiest and most effective way to create happiness,
doing good deeds, recipient is as well happy,
providing useful information to others,
anyone that witness this act of giving is also happy,
in the brain Serotonin hormone is released that makes us happy.

Friends what is the best way to scientifically create happiness-tree,
answer is my friend keep positive alive and become generous,
give, give and give- make yourself and people around you happy,
friends when we will be happy not only we can sort our problems,
will be able to balance challenges of pandemic life,
and will move toward building  successful life.

By Sukarma Rani Thareja
Alumnus IIT-K-1986

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