Global Orgasm Countdown

There’s only a few hours left until simultaneous orgasm by thousands of people worldwide in their attempt to bring more peace with their joyful activity.

Global orgasm for peace is an interesting anti-war organisation that organises this global orgasm effort. Whether you believe the science behind it or not, why not join in just for the fun of it?

You can read more about it at various news websites.

Merry Christmas 🙂

Mićo Tatalović

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One thought on “Global Orgasm Countdown”

  1. “Our minds influence Matter and Quantum Energy fields (…)”.

    What is “quantum energy”?… :]

    I can’t synchronize my orgasm with my partner’s, imagine with a billion other people.

    I imagine if it wouldn’t be more interesting to ask people to start having sex at the same time, instead of aiming for a simultaneous and potentially unreachable climax!…