EuroScience statement – the threat of budget cuts in science in Europe

Across the European Union and the wider Europe, governments are engaged in cutting public expenditure and we are entering an unprecedented period of austerity. Thus, public support for research is now at risk in a manner not seen before and just at the time when Europe faces new challenges from the rising new economies, especially in Asia, and when threats to our quality of life from climate change, demographic change and energy, food and resource availability and sustainability are becoming evermore threatening and urgent. This undermines the EU Lisbon process, to create a leading knowledge-based economy which must remain as the aim of governments and societies across Europe.

Download the complete statement: Statement on cuts 181010 – PDF (229.97 KB)

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One thought on “EuroScience statement – the threat of budget cuts in science in Europe”

  1. The Euroscience statement and other campaigns had their effect in “protecting” the British research budget in the Comprehensive Spending Review announced yesterday. The research budget will be frozen at its current level for ther next 4 years and it is considered a “winner” amongst all the ideological-driven spending cuts which were announced. However, this is a cut in real trems of 10% over the next 4 years and is still a devasting blow for research when coupled with severe cuts to university funding.Euroscience must continue to fight for the protection of research budgets across Europe at a time when many governments are cutting back on their expenditures.